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National Information Processing Institute

Inventorum connects scientists with the industry and the business


Inventorum, Poland’s first social network for entrepreneurs and scientists, has kicked off. It was developed by experts from the National Information Processing Institute (OPI PIB), which is an organization holding the largest database containing information on Polish science. After a series of tests and market consultations, the portal was launched at conference at Kozminski University, a partner of Inventorum.

Inventorum, a social networking web portal for scientists and entrepreneurs, can be found at www.inventorum.opi.org.pl. In order to become a user, you must go through a free-of-charge registration and then a verification process.

“This is a practical tool for companies which see cooperation with science as a strategic consideration. Through this one place on the web, they can reach all their potential scientific partners in Poland”, explains Professor Dorota Dobija of Kozminski University, who is responsible for the Inventorum’s model of indicators used to assess the intellectual and innovation capital of companies and scientific teams.


Inventorum works like a social networking site

Every person or company registered with the portal can manage their profiles. Entrepreneurs will also receive news alerts concerning the fields of their interest and invitations from other users. Scientists who sign up will enjoy the same functionalities.


The portal will suggest scientists to link with

“Inventorum is more like web-based software, which uses so-called intelligent algorithms to adapt to the user’s needs. When in operation, the system is learning about the behaviour and preferences of its users to precisely select partners for cooperation and make searching for collaborators easier”, explains Dr. Jarosław Protasiewicz, Head of the Laboratory of Intelligent Information Systems  OPI PIB, who also leads the Inventorum project.

According to Dr. Protasiewicz, Inventorum provides entrepreneurs with hints on where to invest, whether there is a ready market for a product and where to find it, what research potential a particular university has. They will easily search out a scientific partner, or get through to an expert who will solve a technological problem. “Moreover, the system will suggest names, institutions, or projects that may be of the business person’s interest”, Head of Project from OPI PIB recommends the web portal.


The platform contains the largest database on Polish science

Thanks to the project’s initiator, i.e. OPI PIB, Inventorum provides access to the largest database there is concerning science in Poland. The Institute has been collecting information on scientific organizations, scientists and their activities (Nauka-polska.pl) for 25 years. It is also developing POL-on, a source of knowledge about all Polish scientific units. “We have the biggest resource of information about Polish science in the country. Now we are passing it on to entrepreneurs. We are hoping to see Inventorum assist scientists in commercializing their research and thus contribute to fostering the competitive edge of Polish companies”, says Dr. Olaf Gajl, director at OPI – PIB.


The project was made possible thanks to commitment of different expert groups

Inventorum took 21 months to complete. Parallel to the programmers’ and OPI PIB researchers’ work, a study was performed on the needs and experiences of persons who deal with innovation in companies. The portal went through four test phases, including consultation with experts and professionals representing different branches of industry.