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National Information Processing Institute


We talked about voice assistants supporting seniors at the CHI2019

13 May, 2019

Our scientists from the Laboratory of Interactive Technologies have just returned from the scientific conference CHI2019 in Glasgow where they presented results of their research on the interaction of seniors with Google voice assistant.


Welcome to the conference on legal aspects of AI

13 May, 2019

Together with the Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw, we organize a conference "New technologies and artificial intelligence - legal and practical aspects". Venue: Marzyciele & Rzemieślnicy, 25 Bracka street in Warsaw. Date: 27 May, 2019.


Our laureates in PolEval will make an appearance at this year’s AI & NLP Workshop Day

10 May, 2019

Our laureates in the PolEval 2019 - Szymon Roziewski and Łukasz Podlodowski from the Natural Language Processing Labpratory - due to the fact that their solutions were rewarded there - have received an invitation to deliver papers during the AI & NLP Workshop Day.


We have announced the third competition under the Measure 4.2. of the Smart Growth Operational Programme

07 May, 2019

As the Implementing Institution, we have announced already the third competition under the Measure 4.2. ”Development of modern research infrastructure of the science sector” of the Smart Growth Operational Programme. The launching of application calls starts on June 6, and ends on September 16, 2019.


A New Artificial Intelligence Web Portal Has Been Launched

23 Apr, 2019

A web portal sztucznainteligencja.org.pl is the first Polish Internet service focused entirely on artificial intelligence (AI), automatization and robotics. Technological novelties associated with artificial intelligence, materials about scientific research in the area of AI in Poland and abroad, and the strategies of AI development are only a few topics which will appear here.


We write about silver digital content in the "Frontiers of Sociology"

18 Apr, 2019

The article is titled "Proxy Users Enable Older People Creative Writing on the Web" and centres on the content created by the elderly people on the web, i.e. the so-called silver digital content.


The solutions of our programmers received prizes at PolEval 2019

17 Apr, 2019

PolEval is an annual competition for the best natural language processing tools for Polish language. Submitted solutions compete against one another within certain tasks that concern artificial intelligence.


50 thousand checks already conducted by the Single Anti-plagiarism System (JSA)

12 Apr, 2019

A little over three months of operation of the JSA system are behind us and the first overload peak after the winter term has ended. During that time, the system has made over 50 thousand checks of theses for plagiarism.