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National Information Processing Institute


Olaf Gajl, Phd


Specialist of computer methods applications in engineering sciences. His interests include mainly the problem of mathematical modelling and the use of composite materials. He has completed long-term internships in France (University Paris VI), and worked as an associate professor at the University of Grenoble.

In 1986, he joined the Institute of Fundamental Technological Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences, where - in collaboration with leading European universities – he researched the applications of artificial intelligence: expert systems, fuzzy logic and qualitative analysis, and was involved in designing educational software.

He was a co-founder of a software company BT (Business and Technology), which in 1994 was recognized by the magazine "Computer World" as the fastest growing company in the IT sector in Poland. Appreciating the future importance of the Internet, Dr. Gajl led BT to a merger with Polska OnLine.

In 2001, he became the president of a telecommunications company Polbox, one of the first Internet providers in Poland using the network of access points connected with its own optical fiber cable. Subsequently, he was appointed director of business development at TeleDenmark Communication, a company bringing together a large group of Internet service providers, responsible for implementation of innovative technologies and construction of data centers.

In the years 2005-2007, he was Undersecretary of State in the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, and was responsible for cooperation of the science and business sectors, support of pro-innovation activities and implementation of structural funds for science and higher education.

He took on the role of OPI director in 2005, after victory in a competition.

Director's Bureau
phone: +48 22 570 14 11
fax: +48 22 825 61 78

Agnieszka Gryzik, Phd

Deputy Director

Economist, specialist in marketing and public relations. Holder of a socio-economic profile PhD from the School of Economics in Warsaw (PhD conferment procedure ongoing). Participated in training courses and internships in Poland and abroad, including in the UK, Spain, Belgium, Holland, France and South Korea.

She began her work at promoting the practical applications of research results in the business sector in the Ministry of Science and Information Technology (Deputy Director of the Department of Information and Publicity). Later, as Director of the Innovation Department of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, she was involved in preparing implementation of EU structural funds – the Innovative Economy Programme in the part concerning in particular the protection of industrial property in scientific institutions, and Human Capital Programme in the section on science and higher education. She led the campaign "For the advancement of knowledge" promoting the applications of research results in practice, and the structural funds for science and higher education. She was responsible for the preparation and implementation of the pilot project "Support for innovative academic entrepreneurship" and the Ministry of Science programme "Innovation Wizard" and "Patent Plus", both associated with the issue of commercialization of research results, intellectual property protection and promotion of innovation.

Began her career as an assistant lecturer in a university Department of Marketing, and then transferred to the public sector (in the Civil Service Bureau, she participating in the execution of the campaign “Professionals in the service of citizens”).

In the years 2008-2011, she worked with Poland's largest research company SMG/KRC MillwardBrown, where the managed projects co-financed by the Human Capital Programme.

She participated in many social research and evaluation projects in the field of, among others, innovation, workers in the modern economy and academic entrepreneurship. Author and co-author of many publications, reports and expert opinions on the above topics, as well as on the subject of management of research projects and the role of research institutions in the transfer of technology.

Social advisor to the President of Foundation for the Polish Promotional Emblem "Teraz Polska".


e-mail: agnieszka.gryzik@opi.org.pl