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National Information Processing Institute

About us

The National Information Processing Institute (OPI PIB) gathers and provides the up-to-date and comprehensive information on Polish science. We analyse it and organize into information systems which we make available to users in the science sector and the higher education sector. Our information systems are designed from scratch – starting with the methodology and technological aspects, through gathering of information, its verification (organization of processes, perusing the resources with the use of semantic analysis and artificial intelligence tools), all the way to data aggregation and – finally – their visualization. The most important among our systems are: the Integrated System of Information on Science and Higher Education (POL-on), the Uniform Anti-plagiarism system (JSA), the electronic proposal submission service (ZSUN I and ZSUN II), and the Polish Graduate Tracking System (ELA).

We employ around 200 programmers, programming in languages such as JavaScript, Java, Python, SQL, HTML, CSS, TypeScript, jQuery. They are top-notch professionals – their solutions have been recognised and awarded prizes in programming contests, with the last one being PolEval 2019, AI&NLP Workshop Day, Workshop for Doctoral Students and Young Researchers in Information Technology 2018 (WDSIT 2018). In 2017, they won an international competition of plagiarism detection experts.

The core recipient of our work is the Ministry of Science and Higher Education – the results of our research and analyses are used by the Ministry as a tool supporting the decision-making process. The systems designed by the National Information Processing Institute also support the operations of two central agencies financing the research: the National Science Centre and the National Centre for Research and Development, as well as other Ministries, e.g. the Ministry of Infrastructure, the Ministry of Investment and Economic Development, the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology, experts and entrepreneurs.

The information and the data on the science sector and the higher education sector, which we gather, process and analyse serve as a foundation for innovative undertakings, which – if they are to succeed – must be based on knowledge. That is why our motto is: ‘’from information to innovation.’’

We eagerly await your cooperation!