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National Information Processing Institute

Natural Language Processing Laboratory

Natural Language Processing Laboratory creates tools that help discovering knowledge form textual data. The tools are extracting, processing and analysing information that is stored in text in natural language.

Natural Language Processing Laboratory fulfills assignments connected with natural language processing and text/web mining. Particular emphasis is put on semantic analysis of texts, information retrieval and recommendation engines. The part of conducted work is also connected with multicriterial optimization problems using genetic algorithms. Creating the prototypes of tools is the results of all research.

The majority of prototypes we build is implemented in the industry in the form of modules or entire systems. We build dedicated tools for government agencies (e.g. National Centre for Research and Development) and for commercial customers (e.g. Millward Brown).

Our areas of interest:


Software development


» Agile project management methodologies

» Java Enterprise Edition

» Scala

» Python/Ruby

» Databases (relational and document)

» Internet and desktop applications

Research areas

» Natural Language Processing

» Text Mining

» Machine Learning

Topics of ongoing research


» Statistical Machine Translation

» Word Sense Induction based Search Engines

» Document Classification

» Hierarchical Agglomerative Clustering

» Discovering arguments in legal texts

» Multi-criteria Genetic Optimization

» Sentiment Analysis

» Semantic Textual Similarity

» Music Information Retrieval

» Study Fields Recommendation

» Predictive Systems

» Summarization Tools

» Tools for intelligent auto-completion of bibliography entries and for footnote formatting


Natural Language Processing Laboratory

National Information Processing Institute
al. Niepodległości 186
00-608 Warszawa

Marek Kozłowski, PhD, Eng.
tel.: +48 22 274 22 62
e-mail: marek.kozlowski@opi.org.pl


Projects Coordination and Social Communication Unit

tel.: +48 22 351 70 81
e-mail: dks@opi.org.pl