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National Information Processing Institute

Polish Science

Polish Science Database contains information about:

  • Scientific and R&D institutions – public and private higher education centres, Polish Academy of Science and resort institutions, central administration bodies, non-governmental organisations responsible for the adjustment and implementation of national scientific policies, gatherings, scientific associations and science-related foundations.
  • Scientists – Polish citizens (with a PhD degree or higher), Polish scientists working abroad, foreigners working in Polish scientific and R&D institutions, PAN (Polish Academy of Sciences), PAU (Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences), as well as academic advisors and thesis reviewers.
  • Scientific reports (SYNABA system) – scientific and R&D papers, doctoral and habilitation dissertations etc.
  • Scientific conferences, fairs, showcases – events organised by Polish scientific institutions.
  • Ministry of Science and Higher Education research projects – research projects (carried or supervised), development of research projects, commissioned research projects, targeted research projects.

Services of the Polish Science: • It is possible to order the OPI data sets that meet the selection criteria more complex than those that are available through the forms in various parts of the site. Those are charged data. More information can be obtained at uslugi@opi.org.pl. • Polish Science Directory is published from the mid-fifties, initially by Polish Scientific Publishers PWN, since 1976 by the (no longer existing) Centre for Scientific, Technical and Economic Information, and since 1990 by the Information Processing Institute. Recently released, XXX edition of the directory is based on the data contained in the integrated database, "Polish Science", developed in our center in 1999. Polish Science 2006 Directory is available to purchase. Orders can be placed by e-mail: sprzedaz@opi.org.pl  

Project website: http://nauka-polska.pl/