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National Information Processing Institute

The call for applications for Competition No. 2 in Measure 4.2 of the Smart Growth Operational Programme (POIR) is now closed

The call for applications in Competition No. 2 was running from the beginning of November 2017 until 30 March 2018. As an Implementing Authority, we organised this call under Measure 4.2 of the Intelligent Development Operational Programme (POIR) – “Development of modern research infrastructure in the science sector”. The call was open for applicants whose projects had been previously entered into the Polish Research Infrastructure Map in 2014. These include large infrastructural projects of strategic importance for the development of Poland’s science and economy. The resulting research infrastructure should meet criteria of scientific excellence and high organisational quality as well as open access to research and the use of its results.

A total of three applications for co-financing were submitted to OPI PIB under Competition No. 2:

  1. PRACE – Cooperation in Advanced Computing in Europe (PRACE-LAB) – a project submitted by the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences (PCSS),
  2. PolFEL – Polish Laser on Free Electrons – a project submitted by the National Centre for Nuclear Research, and
  3. NLPQT – National Laboratory of Photonics and Quantum Technologies – a project submitted by the University of Warsaw.

The total amount of eligible expenditures in these projects exceeds PLN 554 million, while the amount of co-financing is over PLN 433 million.

The funds allocated for co-financing of projects submitted to the call for proposals in Competition No. 2 amounted to PLN 550 million.

Our staff members responsible for the implementation of POIR investment projects plan to complete the verification of formal criteria and formal assessment of projects by the end of April 2018. In May, the panel of experts will commence the substantive assessment of applications.