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National Information Processing Institute

Polish laboratories in the network

The EMC-LabNet project is being implemented by four research units: Wrocław University of Technology – the project leader, Bialystok University of Technology, Rzeszow University of Technology, Military University of Technology, CTM JSC (Ośrodek Badawczo-Rozwojowy Centrum Techniki Morskiej S.A.). These are the leading centres of various electromagnetic compatibility expertise areas. Their research infrastructure, scientific potential and expertise make electromagnetic compatibility research (EMC) possible as regards advanced equipment and systems in terms of military service, aviation, maritime, telecommunications, information and communication technology, electroenergetic devices, systems intended for the general public, and lighting arrester equipment.

The EMC-LabNet Consortium took it upon itself to develop the research infrastructure of all Consortium members, and setting up a unique - on a national and EU scale - strategic and specialized EMC laboratory network. That network id a key facility for advanced scientific research, development works and certification tests, all conducted in order to improve the operation and competitiveness of the Polish economy, boost national security, protect the environment, protect the population and technical devices against electromagnetic radiation.

A unique EMC laboratory network will be set up, funds will be directed at the unique research network development allowing the testing of specialised and innovative electronic equipment during the prototype development phase, and ready-to-use product certification phase. In the network there will also be electromagnetic disturbances generated (e.g. simulating lightning strikes) as well as effectiveness of protection systems against such phenomena and unintentional data leaks evaluated. 

The grant contract to allot funds for the ‘’Polska Sieć Laboratoriów EMC (EMC-LabNet)” project has been signed on July 31st, 2018 as part of the Competition number 1 under the 4.2. Measure ”Development of modern research infrastructure in the science sector” in the Operational Programme Smart Growth.

Total project value: PLN 61,111,888.90.

Eligible expenses: PLN 50,000,000.00.

Grant value: PLN 40,000,000.00.