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National Information Processing Institute

POL-on informs high school graduates which universities are the best

Once again, POL-on – the science and higher education information system designed and maintained by the National Information Processing Institute – supplied the data used in preparation of the nineteenth “Perspektywy” ranking. The ranking’s creators value the information integrity. 

The “Perspektywy” ranking is a tool which is being compiled for high school graduates to help them choose a next step in their education. The ranking also shows the current state of Polish higher education system, evaluating universities based on seven criteria: prestige, job market status of alumni, scientific potential, scientific effectiveness, innovativeness, studying conditions, and international exposure.

The ranking evaluates universities by applying 25 indicators. Among them, there are indicators analysing scientific publications of institutions, the FWCI (Field-Weighted Citation Impact) specifying the citation numbers’ ratio of a publication to the average citation numbers of similar publications based on Scopus database.

The following data is also downloaded from the POL-on system: those concerning parametric assessment, authorization to award academic degrees, awarded academic degrees. POL-on is also the database of highly qualified university staff availability for students. The POL-on system creators and experts – employees of the National Information Processing Institute – talked about it in April “Perspektywy” issue  ("POL-on – a silent guardian of science and higher education"). You can learn more about POL-on here.

University of Warsaw is the best in 2018 (100%), ex aequo with Jagellonian University (99.6%). Kozminski University is first among the private universities, while the John Paul II State Higher Vocational School (PWSZ) in Biała Podlaska is first in the higher vocational schools category.  

The ranking is put together by analysts from Perspektywy Education Foundation, under the supervision of the Council which comprises the representatives of influential academics and university alumni. The Council is chaired by professor Michał Kleiber, a former President of the Polish Academy of Sciences, and former minister of science and digital infrastructure.  

The Council has also awarded special prizes “Awans 2018” to the following academic institutions: Silesian University of Technology (went up from 13th place last year, to the 9th) and Humanitas University in Sosnowiec (went up the ranks from 23rd to 11th place in non-public universities). For achievements in promoting academic staff, the ‘’Kuźnia Kadr’’ (Career Forge) prize was awarded to Poznań University of Life Sciences.