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National Information Processing Institute

OPI PIB and Digital Poland begin cooperation to popularize artificial intelligence in Poland

The National Information Processing Institute (OPI PIB) and the Digital Poland Foundation have signed a cooperation agreement to popularize artificial intelligence. Both parties want to reach as many people as possible. The internet platform to achieve this aim will be the sztucznainteligencja.org.pl service which has been launched at the end of April 2019 in the National Information Processing Institute.

The Institute, as well as the Foundation, actively work on establishing the cooperation of science and business. OPI PIB designs intelligent IT systems with the application of AI technology for the science sector, analyses data on Polish science and monitors the development of AI in Poland. The mission of Digital Poland is the integration of companies and society and popularizing knowledge about the role of innovation and digitization of the country’s economic development.

Thanks to the cooperation of our Institute with the Digital Poland Foundation we will be able to broadly address the topic of artificial intelligence. Nowadays artificial intelligence, unlike any other technological field, is of strategic significance, and the internet portal will be a holistic source of information about the state of knowledge and the practical applications of the AI technology. We are going to publish materials aimed at many audiences, including entrepreneurs and investors, in one place, painting a full picture, a sort of a map of artificial intelligence in Poland – in a social, scientific and business dimension – indicates Olaf Gajl, Ph.D, the director of the National Information Processing Institute.

- Stephen Hawking asserted that artificial intelligence might be the biggest invention in the history of humanity. He concurrently warned that the key issue for our civilization and survival of the species is the research, starting now, of all the consequences associated with the development of AI. At the Digital Poland Foundation we believe that one of the key elements of AI development ought to be cooperation. Not only between the Polish government, research centers and the Polish private sector but also the cooperation at the international level – emphasizes Aleksander Kutela, the chairman of the Digital Poland Foundation board.

Data on Polish research centers and researchers specializing in artificial intelligence held by OPI PIB will be supplemented with information gathered by Digital Poland regarding Polish companies developing AI technologies. Collecting both types of data on the sztucznainteligencja.org.pl website will enable a comprehensive presentation of the AI environment in Poland and showing its full potential. It is important both for better cooperation of Polish research centers with domestic entrepreneurs and for establishing foreign partnerships.

- The knowledge gathered at the National Information Processing Institute and the knowledge of Digital Poland is complementary. Our internet portal  sztucznainteligencja.org.pl  will be enriched with practical information, and the Digital Poland will gain another communication channel. Thanks to the cooperation, the popularization of knowledge on artificial intelligence will be more effective and enriched with practical information. Currently, educating societies and enterprises on the topic of artificial intelligence is a huge challenge and a necessity because most of us associate AI with sentient robots from science-fiction movies – adds Agnieszka Gryzik, Ph.D., the National Information Processing Institute deputy director.

The cooperation agreement between the National Information Processing Institute and Digital Poland will result in, among other things, meetings of experts from various disciplines and business areas, which will contribute to the betterment of understanding the mutual needs of communities, developing and using artificial intelligence.

- Based on our latest research we can conclude that the main obstacle in the development of the Polish AI sector is not the lack of funding or the lack of expert knowledge in the IT sector but a severely limited demand for solutions based on artificial intelligence. Polish companies working on AI tailor their solutions to foreign buyers, rather than local companies. Why? Because, as our study shows, CEOs and managers lack the knowledge about the benefits stemming from the application of artificial intelligence and the ways in which it can be used – explains Piotr Mieczkowski, the managing director of the Digital Poland Foundation.

The Sztuczna Inteligencja (artificial intelligence) website has been created by the National Information Processing Institute in cooperation with the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. In order to promote Poland on the international arena the Digital Poland Foundation will actively support the English version of the Portal.

Image: iStock by Getty Images