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National Information Processing Institute

Laboratory of Interactive Technologies

We develop new ways of human-computer interaction. We are also interested in the social aspects of the new media.

Our actions are based on connecting achievements of various fields: computer science, sociology, psychology, neuroscience, statistics, user-oriented design. We study the phenomena related to individual human-computer interaction, and social context of the interaction. We take into account the impact of cognitive psychology and emotional factors in the effective use of technology. We want to show the impact of communication technologies on the processes of social involvement, changes in intergroup relations, etc.

Application of the latest methods in the field of HCI (human-computer interaction) is possible thanks to collaboration with leading research centers in the country and abroad. The results of our research are also highly appreciated and widely used in business circles.

Our Laboratory delivers information about the users and the social context for the innovations in the ICT field. We integrate human perspective from the beginning of the project, and design user experience on each step of project development. We help to see the users as an integral part of the project, and see the project from the user perspective. By doing that we ensure the project creators that the final product becomes a part of users’ lifes.


Laboratory of Interactive Technologies

National Information Processing Institute
al. Niepodległości 186
00-608 Warsaw

tel.: +48 22 212 53 07
e-mail: labi[at]opi.org.pl

PhD Cezary Biele
e-mail: cezary.biele[at]opi.org.pl


Projects Coordination and Social Communication Unit

Joanna Kuszlik-Cichosz
tel.: +48 22 351 70 81
e-mail: joanna.kuszlik-cichosz[at]opi.org.pl