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National Information Processing Institute

Human-Technology Interaction

3D technology in persuasive communication

The project aims to verify whether the use of 3D effects in the message leads to greater effectiveness of this message in comparison with the standard video material. In other words, we want to check whether the recipients to whom the flood warning message with 3D special effects is directed have a stronger intention to follow the directions included in the message and whether they remember a greater amount of information in relation to recipients of traditional video.

Positive verification of these assumptions may be important for safety in the situation of threats caused by nature. Therefore, we plan to provide a warning and instructional flood message for the study material. 3D technology allows you to visualize the threat in a realistic way, which in our opinion will translate into, among others, to an increased level of fear of the recipient of the message. According to Protection Motivation Theory increasing the level of anxiety while providing the recipient with understandable instructions, what should be done to avoid a given threat, increases the chances of behaving in accordance with the instructions. Therefore, the use of 3D technology in communication may translate into a real increase in safety among people threatened by the forces of nature.

Image: iStock by Getty Images