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National Information Processing Institute

Human-Technology Interaction

Multitasking Brain across Adult Life Span

The project pays attention to cognitive functioning in various areas of everyday life over the adult life, with particular emphasis on late adulthood. The research aims to focus on the development of procedures, which allow middle-aged and older adults to cope better with multitasking situations and recover from interruptions supporting individuals in their prolonged cognitive activities.

The project verifies the effectiveness of integrated cognitive training module as a factor contributing to the increased mental processes that are fundamental for sustaining autonomy and more effective cognitive functioning in older age. In addition, due to the fact that research in the area of multitasking activity suggests the existence of age-related differences, the training program has been implemented both in the group of older and younger adults. The project is of great practical importance, since it enables the identification of effective methods and strategies for overcoming cognitive deficits among the elderly people. This problem seems to be particularly important at the present time when the number of seniors is growing, and the maintenance of good cognitive function for as long as possible is beneficial both for the individual and for society as a whole (it ensures better quality of life, longer working life, reduces the number of people in need of constant care and associated costs).