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National Information Processing Institute

Human-Technology Interaction

Social risk in the ICT context

According to the theory of rational choice social risk attitude is a specific example of a general risk attitude. From this perspective a risky social choice is simply a lottery, result of which depends, for example, on whether the other side proves trustworthy.

However, empirical studies often show that various types of risk are essentially different from the perspective of a decision maker. In the case of social risk socially generated information, strategically determined probabilities and social payments are processed in a different way than information that does not rely on or stem from interaction with other people.

The aim of the project "Social risk in the ICT context" is to analyze the relationship between attitudes towards various types of risk. The project focuses on what information is taken into account in different situations. Particular attention is devoted to aspects important in the context of ICT, i.e. decisions regarding online shopping, trusting web content, using information about choices and opinions of strangers, etc.